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Have you ever wanted extra funds to make your dreams come true? Maybe it’s paying off debt, travelling more frequently, or treating yourself. Either way, having that financial boost can positively impact your life. Elite Competitions offer you the chance to turn those aspirations into a reality!

Elite Competitions are the foremost online competition company in the UK, granting users access to a variety of prizes, such as tech items, cars, and of course, CASH. There are up to 100 competitions available on our platform, and we’ve got an extensive series of winners to prove it.

We want you to win!

Ever since we began back in 2017, we’ve worked hard to become the well-established and trustworthy website that we are today. Our goal has remained the same since day one—to provide you with the perfect opportunity to win big through our online cash competitions!

One of the exciting features of Elite Competitions is the variety of ways to win tax-free cash prizes. Whether you’re looking to win a small cash boost or a life-changing sum of money, there’s a competition to suit your needs.

And with better odds than many traditional lotteries and other competition platforms, your chances to win cash competitions are higher with Elite Competitions.

Get Started Today—It’s Easy!

Entering a cash competition with Elite Competitions is easy and convenient. Simply download the app on your iPhone or iPad, pick your lucky numbers, and enter your favourite competition. The app also offers a safe and secure payment system, making it easy to manage your competitions and keep track of your winnings.

And that’s not all—Elite Competitions are proud to offer a helpful, communicative team of people to answer any questions you may have. We’re here to assist you every step of the way and make sure you have a positive experience with our online cash competitions.

See Winners in Real-Time!

Our live draws are so much fun to watch. You get to see the winners in real time and savour the excitement! That means you can rest assured that each competition is fair and transparent. We also offer bundles and packages, allowing you to enter multiple cash competitions at a discounted rate.

And as always, all of our prizes are guaranteed 100% genuine and of high quality. This is the ultimate way to play if you’re serious about winning big.

So if you’re ready to win tax-free cash and change your life for the better, head over to Elite Competitions today! Our online cash competitions are just the thing you need to take your luck (and bank balance) to the next level.

Get Started Today for a Chance to Win Cash Competitions!

Elite Competitions are a fantastic platform for anyone looking to win big with cash prizes. With better odds and a wide range of competitions to choose from, you’re sure to find a competition that’s right for you.

If you’re ready to get started and win tax-free cash, head to Elite Competitions today! Simply download our App and pick your lucky numbers. Who knows, one of them could be the key to unlocking your dreams!

Active Cash Competitions

The Investment InstaWin (£1,000 End Prize + 29,999 InstaWins)


The Investment InstaWin (£1,000 End Prize + 29,999 InstaWins)


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