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Tom has been with the business since 2018 and talks us through his experience so far

Feb 2, 2022

Tom is the face of Elite Competition and the man when it comes to live prize draws! He joined the business in 2018 and here he is to give us an insight into his role.

How was your first live draw?

“I remember the first time I stepped in front of the camera to do my first ‘Live Draw’; being broadcasted across a social media platform whilst pretending to know what I was doing was not my idea of fun at the time. I often go back to that first live draw before the days of Zoom calls and Teams meetings just to see how I handled the pressure of speaking to a few hundred people via the internet.”

How has it changed since 2018?

“Back then we were running around five competitions per week, often one a day with the occasional exception of a two draw day. The business started before I even knew what an online competition was, with Alex running things from his bedroom HQ using various methods of deciding the winners. From where it was to where it is now is an achievement that is often overlooked and the determination and hard work that has gone into Elite Competitions over the last four years is a true reflection of how far the business and brand have come. “

Have you ever made a mistake?

“Of course I have, who doesn’t on live TV? The occasional slip-up over the years can bring some fun! I’ve had lots of viewers trying to catch me out with false names, unfortunately, I’ve read a few of these out, I’ll let you use your imagination to think of a few.”


You can catch Tom on our daily live draws which are streamed via Facebook and YouTube, be sure to give him a quick ‘hello’ in the comments and maybe see if you can catch him out.

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