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STEALTH ELECTRIC FAT BIKE 26" MTB The new flagship electric bike from Zipper Bikes. The stealth fat bike with 4 inch fat tyres combines off road capabilities with exceptional comfort. Perfect for both off road adventures as well as leisurely on road trips. The ebike has been finished in a matt black and debadged for that cool stealth look. This is a top of the range bike with features including electric walk assist, new LCD control panel, front suspension, bigger 10Ah lithium battery, waterproof wiring and 21 speed Shimano gearbox. £4.85 per entry 499 ENTRIES NUMBERS: 1 – 499 *THIS IS A GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW ON SATURDAY 17TH APRIL 2021 REGARDLESS OF TICKETS SOLD FOR FREE ENTRY SEE T&C’S FREE DELIVERY TO THE WINNER, GOOD LUCK!