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£1,000 Cash

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£1,000 Cash


A bag of sand, a grand, 1000 quid, 1000 smackeroonies; it doesn’t matter what you call it - £1,000 is £1,000.

With all of the doom and gloom surrounding the rising cost in living, £1,000 will certainly help out. With that being said, the winner can spend the £1,000 on absolutely anything they desire.
This competition offers great odds, a reasonable entry price and the Elite Competitions 24 hour payment promise.


Good luck!





Live draw date and time: 1st October 2022 at 12pm (midday)

Total amount of entries:


Entry price: £6.89


Guaranteed draw: This is a guaranteed draw and the full prize will be won regardless of ticket sales.


Amount of winners: This competition has 1 winner


Free entry see T&C's