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Arcade1Up Pac-Man Classic Arcade Cabinet The Iconic Arcade Classic - With New Technology The Arcade1Up Pac-Man cabinet is fully-equipped for authentic arcade play, and includes a matching 1ft riser and branded, adjustable stool. The control configuration, artwork and gameplay is faithful to the original arcade machines, and fully licensed by Bandai Namco. This means it feels and plays just like the original - but now you can benefit from modern technology too, with a full HD 17-inch monitor and immersive sound system to create the very best Pac-Man experience. It even has a stylish illuminated top marquee for that authentic arcade look. 17-inch LCD screen. Suitable for one or two players. Includes Pac-Man & Pac-Man Plus. Easy-to-use game select menu. With illuminated marquee. 399 Entries MAX - £3.75 For Free entry see T&C's Good Luck *This is a guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales. The full prize will be given away regardless. The draw will go ahead on 21st of August at 12:00pm. We will bring the draw date forward if all tickets sell out early. This competition has 1 winner