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Ninja 14 in 1 Multi Cooker - £9.15 per entry.

Unlock 14 cooking functions under one SmartLid, including Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Grill, and 4 innovative Combi-Steam Mode functions, combining steam with convection cooking for juicy, speedy and crispy results. One-pot does the lot!

Our Customer Service Team will contact our winner straight after the live draw and the prize will be delivered to their address within a couple of days. This is a guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales. The full prize will be given away regardless of ticket sales. The draw will go ahead on 1st February at 5:30pm. We will bring the draw date forward if all tickets sell out early. This competition has 1 winner.

99 Entries MAX - £9.15 For Free entry see T&C's.