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Soothing AirJet™ bubble massage system (120 jets). Ultra-strong DuraPlus™ walls are stress tested to offer durability. Freeze Shield™ automatic heating prevents water from freezing & damaging the spa. Program the spa heater up to 40 days in advance for future use. ChemConnect™ dispenser provides a stable level of chlorine throughout the spa. Power-saving, timer-controlled heating system. Digital control panel & amp; spa pump with integrated filtration system includes cup holders and is accessible from inside the spa. THIS ITEM IS PART OF OUR SUMMER SESH AND WILL BE DRAWN ALONG WITH 7 OTHER PRIZES! £3.75 per entry 299 ENTRIES NUMBERS: 1 – 299 *THIS IS A GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW ON 29/07/2021 REGARDLESS OF TICKETS SOLD