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Fitbit Charge 5 Redefine routine with Fitbit Charge 5 + Premium —our most advanced fitness and health tracker that shows you whether you are ready to work out or should prioritise recovery. Daily readiness score, stress management score & EDA sensor, health metrics dashboard (SpO2, HRV, skin temp). Built-in GPS for pace & distance, 6-month Premium membership. Premium offerings are for new & returning Premium users only. Valid payment method required. Content and features may change. Vibrant colour display, 24/7 heart rate tracking, active zone minutes. Sleep tracking & sleep score, up to 7-day battery life, 20 exercise modes. 99 Entries MAX - £4.30 For Free entry see T&C's Good Luck *This is a guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales. The full prize will be given away regardless. The draw will go ahead on 27th of November at 12:00pm We will bring the draw date forward if all tickets sell out early This competition has 1 winner