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DYSON COOL FAN Key features: Air MultiplierTM technology – air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow. Safe – no fast-spinning blades. Acoustic engineering – streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence Sleep timer – AM07 can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. Remote control 10 precise airflow settings. Curved and magnetised to store neatly on the machine. Oscillation control – to project air around the room. One touch for smoother oscillation. Easy to clean – no awkward grilles or blades £6.50 per entry 99 ENTRIES NUMBERS: 1 – 99 *THIS IS A GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW ON 07/08/2021 REGARDLESS OF TICKETS SOLD This competition has 1 winner