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Au Seven Bottle Collection  - £2.49  per entry

Product Details:

  • x1 Au Vodka Pineapple Crush 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Red Cherry 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Green Watermelon 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Blue Raspberry 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Fruit Punch 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Black Grape 70cl
  • x1 Au Vodka Original 70cl

Competition details:

Tickets: 199 entries in total

Price: £2.49  per entry

Max entries per Customer : 50

Live draw date: Thursday 15th September

Live draw time: 7.30pm

For Free entry, please read the full T&C's.

As always, this is a guaranteed draw regardless of ticket sales and the full prize will be given away regardless of the amount of tickets sold.

This competition will have one winner.